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The easiest way to launch digital promotions to increase brand engagement and collect user data that you can easily connect to your Mailchimp account.

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Digital promotions have never been easier to set up and manage! Easypromos is a leading platform in digital promotions and social media giveaways. With our effective marketing tools, you can fully personalize your next interactive campaign and gamify your marketing strategy, with no need for programming skills!

Easypromos is one of the most complete platforms, empowering marketers with the best tools to engage with their audience, generate leads, collect user-generated content, attract an audience to a point of sale, gather feedback and reward customers for their participation and loyalty - all through social media. Photo and video contests, quizzes, surveys, and puzzle and memory games can be fully customized with your corporate image and branding. Our applications come with integrated entry forms where users leave their contact details in order to enter prize draws.

Once you finalize your promotion you can connect it directly to your Mailchimp account to expand your mailing list. Marketers use Easypromos to collect zero-party data through incentives, gamification, and interactive content. The platform provides direct integration with Mailchimp, so you can send and synchronize all the gathered user data to your Mailchimp list. The integration also supports groups and tags to easily create segments of participants.

Our ready-made default templates save our clients tons of time and unnecessary headaches, and in case of doubts or lack of inspiration, our Support Team is always ready to assist and inspire. More than 2 million promotions have been powered globally by Easypromos! Yours could be next.


Image of a christmas puzzle promo

Create a branded puzzle to collect more leads. Upload an image that our platform will cut into a selected number of pieces and then shuttle it, creating a gamified challenge for your users.

Image of a entry form builder

Our applications come with fully customizable integrated entry forms, so you can gather all the contact details that you need. The apps are responsive to all mobile devices.

Image of connecting the promotion to Mailchimp

Connect your promotion to your Mailchimp account to directly synchronize all newly collected contact details.