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Email Heatmaps

Create heatmaps to easily see the clicks results from all your email marketing campaigns and automations!


With our easy 1-step setup process, you can analyse the results of all your email marketing campaigns and truly understand which clicks are hot, which clicks are not and the areas that get the most clicks.

Simply connect your Mailchimp account and we do the magic! Email Heatmaps is safe, secure and never connects to your mailing list or subscribers!

Try it for free today (no credit card required) to experience the power of our Email Heatmap tool to visualise the results of your last email campaign.


Email Heatmaps allows you to easily digest information and the click performance of what's hot or not in your email content. Do you get all your clicks on certain products? Do images or the call to actions get most of the clicks? Asset 1 - Email Heatmaps Integration - Example heatmap budd testing

Our compare tool allows you to create an email heatmap then compare against another campaign. This will help you see the click performance in the changes you made or products you chose to promote. (Note: the image using dummy totals) Asset 2 - Email Heatmaps Integration - Compare tool example budd

Build the magic of email heatmaps and analyse using this brand new direct integration on all your sent email campaigns and automations. No additional tracking required, no credit card to try, so try today for free and create your own FREE email heatmap. Asset 3 - Email Heatmaps Integration - Heatmaps

Email Heatmaps Testimonials

Asset 4 - Email Heatmaps Integration - Testimonials