Advanced RSS Email Automation

Create advanced blog, product, and RSS automations incorporating multiple feeds, scheduling intervals and formatting beyond the native MailChimp functionality.


Advanced RSS Email For Mailchimp FeedOtter for Mailchimp is for users that wish to automate emails beyond the built-in RSS capabilities of Mailchimp. Advanced Use Cases: - Robust Multiple Feed Emails Combine multiple RSS feeds into a single, automated email to create newsletters containing content, products, and posts from any RSS source. - Send Automated Emails from Non-RSS Sources Our team can quickly integrate your custom data-feeds into our automation engine allowing you to create and send data-driven emails from your existing MailChimp account in no time. - Editorial Control and Curation Our Curated Email Builder gives you full editorial control of your newsletter and product emails while eliminating time spent designing and testing emails. Simple add your datafeeds and use FeedOtter to drag-and-drop posts, video, and products into your newsletter for fast and efficient creation.