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FoodStorm Catering Software

Sync your FoodStorm contacts with MailChimp for your marketing campaigns.

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The FoodStorm integration with MailChimp automatically sends your FoodStorm Customers & Leads into a MailChimp List of your choice. Your data is sent daily, and unsubscribed contacts in both FoodStorm and MailChimp are carefully maintained. For customers using FoodStorm CRM, your Saved Searches in FoodStorm appear as Groups in MailChimp – allowing you to segment your communication based on sales data. For example, Customers who have not ordered in 30 days, Customers who placed their first order, or your Top Spending customers. The FoodStorm integration with MailChimp also supports Guest Checkout customers who have opted into email communication.

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FoodStorm Order Management

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FoodStorm Reporting