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Hike’s POS customer directory fully syncs with Mailchimp. Auto update marketing comm preference and profiles up to date while saving hours in admin work.

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Hike is a retail management system. Automatically sync Hike’s customer directory with Mailchimp including customer’s marketing preference. Automatically subscribe/unsubscribe user from your Mailchimp list based on preference set in Hike. Keep customer records up to date while saving hours in admin work each month.

Image of computer and tablet displaying the Hike integration

Hike is a cloud-based POS, works on any device and also works offline!

Illustration of man typing on computer

With instant update of customer’s marketing preference, send targeted comms to a right audience.

Diagram showing stores and webstores pointing toward customers

Bring your online and in-store customer profiles to Mailchimp at once using Hike.