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Connect your Maropost (Neto) store to Mailchimp with the KeeSaaS Mailchimp to Maropost Commerce Cloud Connector.


Get KeeSaaS, the Mailchimp to Maropost Commerce Cloud Connector - your best business resource in just a few clicks. And best of all? No coding necessary — just a simple connection for a booming business.

Benefits & Features

With KeeSaaS you can:

  • Send abandoned cart recovery emails and follow-ups
  • Add personalised product recommendations to your emails
  • Send your targeted sales to customers based on their past purchases
  • Add drag-and-drop product blocks to your EDMs
  • Automate your product follow-ups, review requests and welcome series
  • Segment your mailing list based on Neto customer groups and sales channels
  • Always have access to the latest Mailchimp features
  • ...and much more!