LeadQuizzes helps you grow and segment your email list using quizzes, integrating easily with your Mailchimp account.
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LeadQuizzes allows you to create quiz funnels to grow your email list by up to 100,000 people, promote your products, and segment your list, while seamlessly integrating with Mailchimp.

LeadQuizzes is often used as a lead magnet on websites, blogs, for paid traffic campaigns using Facebook and Google Ads, and much more.

LeadQuizzes offers the following features:

  • Easily send leads directly and immediately from LeadQuizzes to Mailchimp
  • Capture leads through web form or their Facebook login
  • Offer product recommendations based on quiz-taker’s responses
  • Quiz funnels that are desktop and mobile responsive
  • Over 50 proven quiz templates to choose from

Check out some great case studies at leadquizzes.com/case-study/