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NiftyImages - Personalized and Dynamic Images

Countdown Timers, Personalized Images/Charts/Calendars, Live Polls, Live Maps and more. Easily use existing Merge Fields. No integration required.


Easily add personalized and dynamic images to your email campaigns, by using the MailChimp merge tags you already have. NiftyImages offers a variety of image types that allow you to increase user engagement, clicks and ROI.

Countdown Timers NiftyImages Timers are fully customizable with plenty of design options to create urgency for Sales, Special Events, Holidays and more. Timers can adjust to local time zones and use the subscriber’s Local Language.

Personalized Images Easily personalize any image to give each recipient their own unique experience using any MailChimp Merge Tag.

Live Polls Show real time voting results while gathering valuable insight on subscriber preferences and interests.

Charts & Graphs Choose and customize a variety of chart options allowing subscribers to see a visually engaging representation of their personal data.

Maps using Geo-Targeting Automatically show each subscriber a map of their nearest location and provide Google driving directions to that location upon clicking on the image.

Real-Time Images Using any API, you will have the ability to display Real Time images that are created at the moment a subscriber opens an email.

Countdown Timer


Words Create a Tracking link with destination URL and Expiration URL

Personalized images using MailChimp merge fields, so that a unique image is shown for each email recipient. Include text fields, image-in-image, personalized charts, calendars and more.

Build custom designed Polls in minutes. Capture recipients' attention and encourage active participation while gathering valuable data about subscriber interests.