Add dynamic images to your emails campaigns to help increase clicks and user engagement.
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NiftyImages: Dynamic Images for Mailchimp NiftyImages allows you to easily add countdown timers, personalized images, live social feeds and even live updating images to any email template. Simply paste the image URL that we provide to any template Code Block.

Countdown Timers These display as animated GIFs which countdown for 35 seconds each time they are opened. These are always updating, so each time your subscribers open your email they will get an accurate countdown to the day and time that you have chosen.

Timers are completely customizable allowing you to modify every aspect, as well as choose from over 50 pre-loaded fonts to match your campaign.

What makes our timers better than others options?

  • Upload and use any . TTF font you want.
  • Add a background image to display behind the timer.
  • Apply drop shadows and stroke effects.
  • Show a different image once the timer is done.

Plus, they can be DYNAMIC!

Not only can these be used for large sales or events, they can also be personalized for each subscriber. Simply append any Mailchimp Date Merge Field to create a unique timer for each subscriber. Or you can choose to have your timer starts once the subscriber opens their email or visits a web page.

Personalize your Email Images Personalized images allow you to embed user data into an image, so that a unique image is shown for each email recipient. When your customers open your email, they can see their name in bright lights, on a birthday cake, or included in a special sale you are having. Works with any Mailchimp merge field, or multiple merge fields.

Live Social Feeds Using real-time embedded social feeds in email will allow you to repurpose your social investment and leverage your community to make the most of your email marketing strategy. Using our tools, you can make social collages that will automatically update each time you make another post.

Live Image Updating Change the text on any image, even after the campaign has been sent. Allows you to show changing stock prices, donation totals, sports scores, betting odds or live pricing for your products. Use our API, Google Sheets or Zapier to update images easily and quickly for any scenario.

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