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Easily add personalized and dynamic images to your email campaigns, by using the MailChimp merge tags you already have. NiftyImages offers a variety of image types that allow you to increase user engagement, clicks and ROI.

Countdown Timers

  • Provided as an animated GIF, countdown timers will always show the remaining time on your countdown each time your subscriber opens their email.
  • Link your timers to send subscribers to a different web page once the timer expires
  • Use custom fonts and background images
  • Create Dynamic Timers using dates from MailChimp Merge Fields
  • Custom design your own timers using Photoshop
  • Supports over 50 languages
Countdown timer gif with text Dropping Soon
Words Create a Tracking link with destination URL and Expiration URL

Personalized Images

Embed MailChimp merge fields into an image, so that a unique image is shown for each email recipient.

  • Use any MailChimp merge field
  • Use multiple merge fields in a single image
  • Choose a template or upload an image to make a custom design
  • Use Photoshop to hide and show layers based on merge fields
Image of candy bar with words Free Personalized Sleeve

Live Social Feeds 

Show live collages that update each time the image is rendered. Collages will automatically updates each time there is a new post.

  • Select any Instagram Username or Hashtag
  • Select any Pinterest Username
Images of iPhones

Rule Sets

Change images after your campaign has been deployed. Show different images for each customer segment and link each image to a different web page. Change images based on:

  • Date/Time
  • Day of the Week
  • Device (iPhone, Android, etc.)
  • GeoTargeting(Country, City, State, etc.)
  • MailChimp merge tags
Images of rules next to credit cards

Real Time images using Data Sources

Build images using dynamic text/images from any API. Updates each time the image if viewed, even after the campaign has been sent or opened

  • Show Live Weather using a merge field or GeoTargeting to auto-detect their location
  • Display past customer purchases, recommended products or shipping information.
  • Show changing donation totals, stock prices, sports scores, or betting odds
  • Show live loyalty points, rewards or coupons
  • Use any API, Google Sheets or RSS Feed
Images of Backpacks and Jackets.

How it works

Make your images inside of NiftyImages than copy the Image URL into any MailChimp Code Block. Takes just a few seconds to add an image to any campaign.

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