Powerful 2-way Pipedrive and Mailchimp integration. Email opens and clicks are recorded in Pipedrive. Pipedrive contacts are synced to the right Lists.
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  • Mailchimp sends, opens, clicks and even bounces and unsubscribes are recorded in Pipedrive, so the sales team has full context.
  • When people engage with email campaigns, new Deals are created in Pipedrive.
  • Add Pipedrive contacts to Mailchimp as subscribers, keep databases in sync 24/7. - Use Pipedrive filters to define which contacts are synced.

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So what is Mailchimp?
The 2-way Piepdrive-Mailchimp Integration
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Screenshot of the Outfunnel integraiton

A powerful 2-way integration between Mailchimp and Pipedrive

Screenshot of the Outfunnel integration

Sync all Pipedrive contacts or only those you've defined with filters

Screenshot of the Outfunnel integration

Choose which email events are recorded, and how.