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Engage your existing customers and attract hundreds more to your Salla store


About Salla

As the leading Saudi e-commerce platform in the Middle East, Salla helps merchants create and easily run fully-customizable online stores. Salla e-commerce solutions are uniquely designed to cater to the needs of a rapidly-growing customer base, with over 36,000 local and international businesses across diverse sectors.

With Mailchimp integrated, Salla merchants can easily sync real-time data from their stores, including customers, customer groups, products, coupons and abandoned carts directly into Mailchimp.


Engage your customers

Target your customers with automated emails triggered by users’ behaviors in your Salla store. With Mailchimp integrated, you can personalize your marketing campaigns to increase engagement and conversion rates.

Drive your sales

Reduce shopping cart abandonment rate by sending automated reminders. Encourage those who have abandoned carts to complete their purchase by offering incentives directly synced from your Salla store.

Track your campaigns

Gain deeper insights into your email marketing campaigns with updated, easy-to-digest reports, and make informed decisions as you continue to retarget your audience.