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Integrations Curated Newsletters makes it easy & free to find relevant content to curate, share and send as newsletters to drive engagement up.

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Become a trusted resource for your audience by curating relevant content on a specific topic. allows you to not only easily engage it often through beautiful curated newsletters but also develop it online from social networks and search engines.

  • Source highly relevant content on a specific topic
  • Enrich it with your insight and publish it easily
  • Share it to all your social channels in 1-click
  • Integrate your curated content to your website/blog
  • Create a daily, weekly or regular newsletter in minutes


  • Faster to create highly-relevant newsletters
  • Combine email, social networks & search engine to grow and engage your audience and generate leads

Get started: Create a Business account at and publish your first curated topic page in minutes. Create a newsletter in a few clicks from the 'Newsletters' topic menu.

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