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Connect SimpleTix with Mailchimp and build your audience. This will streamline your marketing efforts and increase your ticket sales.


Streamline your marketing with our Mailchimp plugin!

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Ticket purchase information is automatically synced to your Mailchimp account so you can quickly segment and send campaigns to attendees based on their purchase history. Mailchimp’s powerful reporting tools will help you identify your most popular events and most loyal attendees so that you can make smart, data-driven decisions about future events and promotions. Automatically add new subscribers to your Mailchimp lists. This can include tags that let you know what event they attended.

Track your campaigns!

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Send your email campaigns for your events from Mailchimp. From the SimpleTix reporting you can view total opens, clicks, tickets sold and revenue from each campaign.

Import past attendees!

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With SimpleTix, you can import past attendees. This will allow you to grow your Mailchimp list faster and email them about your next events.

Easy-to-read reports that show the total tickets sold per email campaign sent from Mailchimp.


View all of your email campaigns in SimpleTix. Track total tickets sold & revenue.

What audience and tags would you like to apply to new subscribers?

Quick Export - Export past event attendees to your Mailchimp list

<p>The best ticketing app integration with Mailchimp.</p>

The best ticketing app integration with Mailchimp.

The best ticketing app integration with Mailchimp.