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SlickText SMS Marketing & Mass Text Messaging

SlickText makes it easy to capture emails via text message and instantaneously push them into the Mailchimp email list of your choosing.

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SlickText is the trusted leader in SMS marketing and mass text messaging. They make it easy to reach large groups of people via text message, capture rich information and automate your marketing. Capture Names & Emails with SMS / Text Messaging This integration with SlickText and Mailchimp helps you grow your email lists by collecting people’s names and email addresses using text messaging. When their info is captured, they are instantly subscribed to the Mailchimp lists of your choosing in real time.

Get started with SlickText today for free. Key Features Of SlickText Capture names and emails via SMS Send mass text messages Create SMS auto replies 2 way messaging for customer support Automated drip, recurring messaging, and birthday messages Rich survey engagements Mobile coupons 150+ other feature.

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