SugarChimp - SugarCRM Integration

Market to the right people at the right time by segmenting your MailChimp subscribers based on SugarCRM data.
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Spend Just 5 Minutes Installing & Save Your Team Countless Hours

Sugarchimp automatically syncs your data between Sugar and Mailchimp so that you never have to worry about it. Mailchimp will always have the most up-to-date information, so you can be confident when you send the next campaign that you have the latest and greatest data.

If you already use Mailchimp and Sugar, you know how much time is spent simply keeping your data up-to-date. You are constantly having to manually move data between the systems. It goes something like this: export data from Sugar, import data into Mailchimp, send your campaign from Mailchimp, export results from Mailchimp, import results into Sugar. This wastes hours of your team's time. SugarChimp eliminates this problem completely.

Protects Against Duplicate Data

Being both Mailchimp and SugarCRM experts, we've built the integration with you in mind. No one wants an integration that causes more problems. SugarChimp is a smart integration and automatically prevents duplicates from being created when syncing your lists.

SugarChimp Highlights

Targeted Marketing - With Field Mapping you can send more effective campaigns with personalized emails and highly segmented lists.

Automated List Population - Automate your marketing with Custom Filters. Whenever a new lead comes into the system have them automatically added to your marketing lists based on simple or complex rules.

Campaign Tracking - Anyone in Sugar, including your sales teams, can see how effective campaigns are and what people are engaging with. Great for more effective sales calls, support engagement, and so on.

Major Features

  • Advanced Field Mapping
  • Automated List Population
  • Mailchimp Rating Sync
  • Helpful Intelligence Panes
  • Campaign Activity in SugarCRM
  • Subscriber Activity in SugarCRM
  • Report on Activity within SugarCRM
  • Custom Field Support
  • Outstanding Support

All Major Editions and Versions Are Supported

SugarChimp is compatible with all editions of SugarCRM: Community, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate.

It works in both On-site and On-Demand environments.

SugarCRM versions 6.5., 7., and up are supported.

Learn more at: SugarChimp Product Page

SugarChimp - SugarCRM Integration

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