Integrate Mailchimp and OnePageCRM for a perfect bond between Sales and Marketing. Connect your webform, sync contacts and track campaigns right from your CRM.
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OnePageCRM is an easy-to use yet powerful sales app for SMBs. It is built around a simple principle - the more sales actions you make, the more you sell. That’s why the Next Action is the heart and soul of OnePageCRM. The moment you complete a sales action (i.e. send an email, make a call or send a sales quote), it prompts you to set the next one, making sure you never drop the ball.

With OnePageCRM you will: Action every contact on your list - OnePageCRM’s Action Stream organises your contacts into a no-nonsense to-do list, so you can clearly see your priorities and get selling. Never forget to follow-up - the moment you mark a sales action complete, OnePageCRM prompts you to set the next one. The contact will remain in the sales loop until it’s closed. Save time on admin - OnePageCRM automates many tedious aspects of the sales process (including lead capture, sending sales quotes, repetitive emails and setting up similar deals), so you can focus on closing. Manage sales deals and report the way it suits you - OnePageCRM’s Sales Pipeline allows you to easily manage your deals and forecast revenue, as well as build and send custom reports. Reap the benefits of a powerful CRM on the go - OnePageCRM offers native iOS and Android mobile apps, so you can keep the sales ball rolling while on the road.

Team OnePageCRM with MailChimp and perfectly align your Sales and Marketing process. You can integrate OnePageCRM with both MailChimp Forms and MailChimp Email Marketing. MailChimp Signup forms Automatically create new leads in OnePageCRM directly from your Mailchimp signup form. Enhance lead's profiles by automatically adding a Next Action, lead source, contact owner, status and tags on lead creation. Notify the contact owner every time a new lead is added – improving lead conversion with a prompt response.

To configure, simply add your unique Callback URL from OnePageCRM into the webhooks section in MailChimp and update your form ID in OnePageCRM. Mailchimp Email Marketing Automatically sync contacts from OnePageCRM to MailChimp. No more redundant contact lists – the data is kept consistent across both platforms. Create contact segments so you can send targeted campaigns to selected audiences. Track Mailchimp campaign’s performance and effectiveness directly from OnePageCRM. To set up, simply create an API key in MailChimp and copy and paste it into OnePageCRM. You can then choose the list you want to connect, along with the selected fields you’d like to update in MailChimp.

You can further customize your integration: Choose the time you’d like the daily sync to take place Sync all contacts or a selected group of contacts Decide whether contacts deleted from OnePageCRM will / will not be deleted from MailChimp Decide whether to tag contacts rejected by MailChimp during the sync process For email campaigns, you can choose the time you wish to pull the campaign information from MailChimp every day.

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