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Workato - App Integrations for Mailchimp

Spend less time on app integrations & more time on email marketing. Sync Mailchimp with 200+ apps in a few clicks.

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Seamless syncs between Mailchimp and 200+ apps

No more manual double data entry and data export/import to get your subscriber information updated in multiple apps. Workato goes beyond basic data sync and helps you eliminate duplicate records and bad data in your integrations, and automate bi-directional workflows between Mailchimp and your apps.

With the Workato platform, you can easily install and run over two hundred pre-built Mailchimp integrations built by experts, or create your own without needing an IT team. You can setup automated integration flows between Mailchimp and many popular apps, and sync multiple pieces of data in a single workflow.

You can integrate Mailchimp with 200+ apps including:

  • CRM: Hubspot, Intercom, Marketo, Salesforce, Zoho CRM
  • Event Management: Eventbrite, RegOnline, Goombal
  • POS/eCommerce: Shopify, Vend, Revel, WooCommerce
  • Others: Google Apps, Slack, Gmail, ServiceM8

Powerful Workato features:

  1. Sync data across multiple apps. You can add any apps like Salesforce, Eventbrite or QuickBooks to automate the entire data transfer flow.
  2. Create complex business logic within a single workflow. For instance, check to see if a lead is present before creating it, associate it with a campaign in Salesforce, and create/update a campaign member in Salesforce.
  3. Workato recipes eliminates duplicate records. You can easily search for existing records and update them - instead of creating the records again.
  4. Our 'Since' trigger allows you to decide on integration start time so you can go back in time and pick up past records. You can also use filters to only pick up selected records.
  5. For advanced users, create excel-like functions to tweak your data so you get the exact data formatting mapped into your apps.

Sign up for a free 30 day trial Easily create automations between Mailchimp and other apps so you can focus on your email marketing.

Get started with these popular scenarios:

  1. Sync new Eventbrite event attendee with Salesforce as leads and Mailchimp as new subscriber
  2. Sync new Salesforce Contact to Mailchimp (sends notification if email is not present)]
  3. New order in Shopify removes lead from a list and adds it to a new list in Mailchimp
  4. Post new subscriber notification in Slack
  5. Sync Vend customer to Mailchimp as new subscriber
  6. Sync updated ServiceM8 client info with Mailchimp

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