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Tools that do more, so you can grow more

Your days of guesswork are behind you. We listened hard and took action to deliver a full suite of marketing tools that empower you to connect with your customers and reach your goals.

More enhancements to core features

Customer Journey Builder

Target customers based on how they engage with your store with 5 new e-commerce triggers—including order invoices and order, shipping, cancellation, and refund confirmations.*

Customer Journey Builder automations generated up to 4x more orders for Essentials Plan users with connected stores than bulk emails.*


Use merge tags in email to collect valuable customer feedback at the most relevant moment.*

Journey Templates

Recover lost customers, remind them to order, and more with 50+ pre-built journey templates.*

Percentage Split

Compare your customer journeys and optimize performance with Percentage Split journey testing.*

More ways to boost email engagement

Content Optimizer

Get expanded recommendations—now including tone suggestions—and specific benchmarking against your industry and marketing objectives.

Content Optimizer analyzes an average of 20 million data points to offer personalized suggestions for each email.*

Advanced Email Analytics

Get a global view of metrics across multiple emails, so you can see how they’re performing, identify patterns in audience engagement, and make better decisions for your next campaign.*

AI-Assisted Email Editing Tools

Switch to a new email editing experience with tools that generate professional, custom email templates and copy for you, and improve click rates with data-driven suggestions that reduce errors and optimize headings.

More integrations to drive conversion

Boost the relevance of your messaging, create more personalized customer journeys, and bring real-time data into your marketing campaigns with tools like Stripe and Square, all in one place.

New features coming soon*

Optimize your marketing efforts with Campaign Manager, a visual campaign calendar that lets you:

  • Plan

    Plan and execute multi-day, omni-channel campaigns across email, SMS, and more

  • Create

    Create events and tasks to manage campaign operations

  • Improve

    Improve email performance with data-driven predictions of the best days to reach your audience

  • Track

    Track campaign performance in one holistic report

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