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Why We’re Granting $1M To Empower Atlanta's Creative Community

Intuit Mailchimp is celebrating the creative spirit of Atlanta by granting $100,000 in unrestricted funding to 10 vital arts organizations in our hometown

Atlanta, August 17, 2023 - Today, Intuit Mailchimp celebrates the creative spirit of Atlanta and announces a pledge of $1 million to support 10 vibrant and diverse local arts organizations. With recent closures that have signaled a severe threat to the livelihood of the creative community, we’re taking a proactive step to bolster their resilience and help these organizations grow.

Why Supporting the Arts Matters

Many arts organizations in Atlanta operate on razor-thin budgets, tirelessly working to provide exceptional experiences to the community. Yet, they often go unnoticed, grappling with financial challenges and struggling to sustain their operations. The COVID-19 pandemic only exacerbated these difficulties, leaving many organizations vulnerable and uncertain about the future. Mailchimp recognizes the value of these organizations and their immense impact on Atlanta's cultural landscape.

By granting $1 million to 10 arts organizations in Atlanta, we hope to empower and uplift the creative community. Each organization will receive an unrestricted grant of $100,000, a substantial injection of support that will significantly contribute to their ongoing initiatives. This commitment demonstrates our belief in the power of the creative economy to drive positive change, foster inclusivity, and enhance the quality of life for all Atlanta residents.

Mailchimp understands the urgency of this situation and recognizes that time is of the essence. These grants will enable them to grow their vital work, reinforcing their ability to serve as beacons of creativity and inspiration.

The Organizations We’re Supporting

Mailchimp's $1 million grants to these 10 arts organizations in Atlanta demonstrates our dedication to nurturing a thriving creative economy, but it’s only a fraction of the support that the creative ecosystem of Atlanta needs. Together, we can build a future where creativity flourishes, artists thrive, and our communities prosper through the transformative power of the arts.

“Creativity is central to Mailchimp's brand and culture. Small and medium sized arts organizations are the heartbeat of Atlanta's creative economy,” says Lain Shakespeare, Senior Director of Corporate Citizenship at Intuit Mailchimp. “Many of these arts organizations are our customers, our partners, and the places ‌where our employees volunteer. We're proud to help power their prosperity and help grow creative excellence in our home town.”

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