How to Be a Mailchimp Agency Partner

Are you an expert in email marketing and want to work more closely with Mailchimp? Here’s what we’re looking for if you’re interested in applying for our Partner Program.

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When you join the Mailchimp Partner Program, you unlock loads of benefits—an insider’s view of Mailchimp, 24/7 priority support, educational resources, exclusive opportunities to grow your business, and more. You might even appear in our marketing materials, such as our agencies newsletter.

If you’re interested in applying, please be sure to include examples of your best work. We love to see what you’ve done for your clients—not to mention any accolades you may have accumulated, such as awards and certifications.

We’ll also ask questions about whether you offer email support, how many years you’ve worked with Mailchimp, and what your company specializes in. We’re especially interested in specialties such as templates, integrations, e-commerce, and automation.

For example, if your forte is automation, please show us examples of clients where we can see that work shine. If you have case studies of how you’ve helped clients reach milestones, please share a link or an overview of how you helped them meet their business goals.

Want to partner with us? Here’s some other stuff we look for in every application:

  • Expertise in Mailchimp: We probably don’t have support tickets from you about simple problems, because you’re the one helping people figure out issues. You might even offer training!

  • A strong history with our platform: You’ve worked with at least 5 clients on their Mailchimp accounts in the past year.

  • Feature usage: You’re well-versed in automations, have helped clients connect their stores, and are familiar with our ad products.

Are you an expert in email marketing, but new to Mailchimp? We’ve got lots of helpful resources available for you, which cover all things marketing. Ready to learn even more? Visit our archive of partner resources.

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