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Power Partners: Captain Agile

Mailchimp partners bring a universe of super skills to every business

Mailchimp partners—trusted marketers that specialize in everything Mailchimp and beyond—bring a universe of super skills in this series, we’re shining a spotlight on partners who tackled epically demanding asks and crushed it. 🎉 Like Gary did.

WHO: Gary Eckstein, owner of OrganicWeb, an Australia–based company that specializes in Mailchimp consulting and training.

SUPER SKILL: Able to transform any business into a modern, agile, over performer.

CLIENT SOS: When the pandemic hit, Australia National University (ANU) Press, needed an immediate digital marketing update. They called on Gary to help drive more web traffic and remove manual processes that were outdated.

WHAT SAVED THE DAY: Gary developed a signup strategy that yielded superior data and allowed ANU Press to increase engagement by providing hyper tailored content. The cherry on the sundae? Gary’s Mailchimp training, which taught ANU staff to craft click-tempting emails. Leveraging his agile marketing expertise, Gary quickly launched these new digital assets, while simultaneously automating many of ANU Press’s time-consuming manual inputs.

The results were...super.

  • 5.14 million downloads in 2020 from 195 countries
  • 51% increase in eNews subscribers
  • 300% increase in click-throughs
  • 32% increase in engagement on Facebook
  • 200 fewer weekly emails to answer thanks to automations

Not sure what a partner can do for you? Here are 8 ways one of these Mailchimp-trained and vetted pros can upgrade your marketing.

No matter where you are in your business growth story, our partners can help with all things marketing related. They can boost open rates, build websites, tame unorganized contact lists, create eye poppingly gorgeous custom email templates, and so much more.

Hire a super-skilled partner, so you reach your business goals even sooner.

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