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Domain Name Generator

Ideate domain names for your business that matches your brand and your goals. Review these tips and choose the best website name for your company.

When developing a web page for your business, a great domain name is crucial for your site’s success. A short, memorable, and unique website domain can make all the difference as your site competes with hundreds of others offering similar products and services.

As website domains are tough to change once your brand goes live, it is essential that you get it right on the first try. Remember that this domain must capture the nature of your webpage and grab searchers’ attention to garner traffic. While this may sound intimidating, the process of inventing a website name is simple and can be made even easier using a domain name generator.

These generators take all the stress of brainstorming a unique domain away by searching to see if it is already in use and making name suggestions based on the results. Domain name generators ensure that when people type your website domain into their browser, your site is the one that appears.

What is a domain name?

No matter what sites you search for on the internet, every website is connected to a series of online coordinates known as an IP address. This address provides information, such as the user’s location, and is what makes the internet browsable. However, to make accessing web pages simpler, these numeric addresses utilize the Domain Name System (DNS) to provide an easily searchable name for a site. A website’s domain name is the searchable title given to an IP address to make it easy to look up in any browser.

As a website domain can be considered an online address, it is important that you understand the URL structure before choosing a domain, as this is what searchers will use to access your site. A website domain consists of two main parts– a second-level domain (SLD) and a top-level domain (TLD).

A second-level domain is the part of your URL that most viewers will remember as it is the name you choose to represent your brand. A site’s SLD appears before the extension (TLD) and is typically kept short and simple to encourage easy recognition and memory.

A top-level domain (TLD) is another name for the extension that comes after the SLD. TLDs most commonly consist of three letters and act as indicators of the site’s purpose. Popular TLDs include:

  • .com: Short for “commercial.”
  • .net: Short for “network.”
  • .edu: Short for “education.”
  • .org: Short for “organization.”
  • .gov: Short for “government”

TLDs can also differ depending on location, as some businesses and web pages based in countries outside of the United States can have alternative extensions. For example, .ca is used for Canadian-based business or government sites and .ru is used for Russian sites.

Things to consider when picking a domain name

Pick your TLD

When selecting domain extensions, it is imperative to choose a TLD that best suits the purpose of your business. However, with so many TLDs to choose from, it can be challenging to select the most appropriate one.

While it may seem like there is no wrong decision, each of these TLDs can have a tremendous effect on the perception of your site. For instance, .com is intended for commercial use, whereas .net is used for networking services.

Over the years, these two TLDs have become so commonly used that their meaning does not always align with the website's purpose. In addition, some TLDs have developed a more positive perception than others. For example, many consumers view a URL ending in .net as more trustworthy than one ending in .com.

Along with popular extensions like .net and .com, there are TLDs made for specific countries, as the United States Government strictly uses .gov. Due to this, other countries had to adopt their own TLDs. A site using a country-specific TLD such as .ca for Canada can indicate the business’ base location, target population, and currency used.

In many instances, these foreign TLDs can be advantageous over .com, as they attract customers from the same location. Additionally, shoppers often prefer purchasing items from sites with country-specific TLDs as opposed to .com, as they know the products and services are catered to them.

Keep it short and sweet

A great domain name must be short and to the point, something that a visitor can easily recite to memory, so your site is always accessible. You should strive to create a catchy domain that plays on essential keywords to describe your business to make it easy for shoppers to get a sense of what a site offers.

It is crucial that your domain name is unique and short, as long, generic domains often sound like a promise for a scam. For instance, huge companies like Geico or Amazon provide great domain examples. Both sites use short, to-the-point domain names. Everyone searching for these companies knows to type or into their browser. These domains are beyond easy to remember and promise users the exact website they are looking for; Geico or Amazon. Additionally, the short nature of these domain names makes the sites seem trustworthy.

Like these sites, the best way to build a reputation and gain shoppers’ trust is to have a striking domain name that suits your brand and gets people’s attention.

Consider your brand

In order to craft the perfect domain, it is essential to know branding basics that can help elevate your business’ website and attract consumers’ attention. Branding is how a business stands out from companies offering similar products and services. To accomplish this, companies often turn to online branding techniques, including color schemes, designs, and logos that will only be associated with their brand.

When done correctly, a domain name can be an excellent form of branding. For instance, a company with a well-known jingle may choose to create a domain name that can be associated with or incorporate it. If the domain name reflects this famously known aspect of the business, there is a higher chance that customers will take notice, remember it, and return to the website in the future.

Check if your domain name is available

With hundreds of other websites offering similar products and services, the hardest part of creating a domain is ensuring that it is unique. Thankfully, there are many ways to check if a prospective website name is already in use, including MailChimp’s Domain Name Generator, which can help you find and purchase a domain name that stands out from the rest.

Established brands can get territorial if your new domain infringes upon theirs. For this reason, it is recommended you check all of your ideas before assigning a domain to your new website. There are many different ways to check the availability of your domain name. Using your browser, you can look up each variation you have developed to ensure it is not already in use. Next, you can utilize a trademark lookup tool to make sure you are not infringing on a trademarked name. Finally, you can use a Domain Name Generator Tool, such as MailChimp’s, to search the web for available domain names.

How to use the domain name generator tool

Mailchimp’s Domain Name Generator allows you to use words and phrases to search for available domain names and help spark ideas. Using a Domain name generator is simple and can provide excellent results in 4 easy steps:

Search for a domain

Input your business name or a few words that would make the perfect, short domain name.

Pick an extension

A domain extension or TLD gives viewers an idea of your site’s purpose. These include .com, .net, .org, etc. Sometimes a name unavailable under one TLD may be available under another!

Claim your domain

Once you’ve inputted the necessary information and reviewed the results for the perfect website name, it is time for you to claim your new domain. Once this domain is registered, you can begin creating your new website!

Build your website

With a new domain name, it is time to build your website! Mailchimp can help you establish your branding, encourage online traffic, and more!

Create your website

Finding a new domain can be tricky, but with Mailchimp’s Domain Name Generator, the entire process can be simplified to four steps, so you can spend more time perfecting your branding and building your website. Remember that a domain name is an essential part of building your business’ website, and although it may take time to get it right, the benefits of the perfect name can help your reputation and online presence. With MailChimp’s help, your next website will surely be a success.

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