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The Future of Marketing AI Isn’t Added On—It’s Built In

Surprisingly simple ways AI can create better marketing in less time

Marketers know they need AI to compete, here’s how

Today’s breakthroughs in AI and machine learning alongside the emergence of new ways to analyze customer data have the marketing industry buzzing with possibilities. But with that excitement can come questions about how these marketing possibilities can become workflow realities.

That’s why Mailchimp commissioned a study conducted by Forrester Consulting

We commissioned Forrester Consulting to get a better understanding of the challenges marketers are facing today as well as their perspectives around AI. Our report explores how this technology can help you save time, create better marketing, meet customer expectations, and deliver results. 

88% of marketers believe their organization must increase its use of automation and AI to meet customer expectations and stay competitive*

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Put the power of AI to work for you

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