A Holiday Marketing List You Will Want to Check Twice

It’s the most wonderful time of the year to drive sales, and now is the time to start planning your holiday marketing. To help you get going, we spoke with two experts on our Marketing team about their tips for making the most of the Mailchimp marketing platform for your clients during the holidays.

How to Fall Back in Love With Your Email Marketing

If you’re intimidated by your newsletter, fret not: Arianne Foulks, founder of Aeolidia, has tips to help you fall back in love with your email marketing.

Giving the Gift of Data

With an under-performing e-commerce platform, Kerstpakketten, which specializes in Christmas packages, needed to update their marketing strategy—and fast. Netherlands-based agency Juist stepped in just in time to help segment and personalize their emails—and build a whole new webshop in just 3 months.

Helping Clients Make the Most of Planning with Sarah Best Strategy

A self-described workflow geek, Sarah Best, CEO and chief strategist of her eponymous agency in Madison, Wisconsin, is all about making a planning meeting. Here’s how she helps clients be more efficient with theirs.

Benefits of the Agency Partner Program

If you’re wondering what exactly our Agency Partner Program entails, you’ve come to the right place.

Dissecting Really Good Email with Lucky Red Pixel

Email is important, but sometimes it’s low on a company’s to-do list, which can cultivate a lot of issues. Florida-based agency Lucky Red Pixel walks us through what it takes to compose a good one—and how to fix common mistakes.

Pro Tips for Auditing Your Client’s MailChimp Account

Because of founder Brett Farmiloe’s auditing background, it’s in his agency Markitors' DNA to analyze every piece of information and formulate a story using that data. Here are his tips for a good email audit.

Building on a Cheeky Brand’s Social Media Success with Disruptivos

Pedrita Parker creates “designs with a lot of love and little shame.” But to capitalize on her social media success, she called in Malaga, Spain-based agency Disruptivos to refine her digital marketing strategy.

Harnessing The Power of Segmentation to Bolster Engagement and Bookings

Poronui, one of the most prestigious sporting lodges in the world, noticed that their new inquiries had started to dwindle. Their website performance came to a halt. So they approached Auckland-based Calibrate, an agency specializing in marketing technology and e-commerce.

Building a Digital Presence From The Ground Up

Though Lindsay Arnold went to college for graphic design, she quickly realized the results of the designs intrigued her more than the designs themselves. And so the clouds parted, and a light shone the way to a more strategy-rich atmosphere: digital marketing.

Making Data-Driven Decisions with Verbal+Visual

New York-based digital agency Verbal+Visual is an independent, minority and woman-owned hub that prides itself on “building businesses, not websites."

Revisiting Deliverability

Deliverability is more than just an industry buzzword — it’s a way to measure the success at which an email marketer gets a campaign into subscribers’ inboxes. Let's revisit how MailChimp does deliverability.

Making Websites Come Alive With WM.Digital

WM.Digital helps today’s online businesses look and feel like modern vanguards instead of relics of the past. Here’s how they led the way for one Miami-based handmade jewelry shop.

How to Be a MailChimp Agency Partner

Are you an expert in email marketing and want to work more closely with MailChimp? Here’s what we’re looking for if you’re interested in applying for our Partner Program.

When Email and Print Work Together

“Email inboxes are full, mailboxes are empty.” Here’s how Hamburg-based agency Finc3 helped a client launch an email-and-print campaign.

Finc3 and Bringing the Future Into the Present

To help their client follow up with leads they were generating offline, Hamburg-based agency Finc3 had to get creative.

Guiding Green Press to Online Success

Green Press wanted to share their passion for healthy eating with people all over the world. They knew they had to go beyond being a location-based business—and they’d need a partner to make the leap to e-commerce.

From Cellar to Cyberspace: A Delicate Balance for a Boutique Brand

As important as it is to honor tradition in the wine industry, it’s equally important to adapt to new ways of doing things. Fogarty Wine Group chose Elkfox to bring its business into the digital world in a thoughtful, deliberate way.

Strong, Swift, and Smart: The Elements of Elkfox

Elkfox's mission for its clients is to “make things that look good, feel good, and work as they should.” Here's how they use MailChimp and Shopify to do just that.

12 Email Predictions for 2018 from MailChimp Experts

We convened 3 of our most (fore)knowledgeable email marketing experts and asked them what they see in their crystal ball for 2018.

Quick Hits: 10 More Insights from MailNinja

Trial and error was MailNinja's path to success. Skip some of the errors with their email marketing advice.

Strategy Secrets of the MailNinja Masters

MailNinja has been helping e-commerce clients increase revenue for the last 12 years. Founder Doug Dennison shares some of his hard-earned email marketing wisdom with us.

Why MailChimp for E-commerce? Let MailNinja Explain

Doug Dennison, of UK-based agency MailNinja, talks about how he pitches MailChimp to e-commerce clients—and why.

Making Bread: A Case Study in Moving Beyond Seasonality

How would you help an online kosher bakery improve their sales outside the holiday season? Small Biz Triage started with their client's campaign data.

How to Build a Better Black Friday Campaign

If you want your email campaign to stand out, how do you compete against other retailers flooding inboxes? Small Biz Triage know what works.

The Unapologetically Human Approach of Small Biz Triage

Small Biz Triage has learned a lot about what works to move customers. The key to doing e-commerce well? Letting go of being perfectly polished.

Buying In: Build Better Sales with Email

Heral Patel shares tips and tricks on what works for his agency's clients, what doesn’t, and why the most important factor in selling online may be trust.

Sell Better: How AnnexCore Helps Clients Win at E-Commerce

Heral Patel, founder of digital agency AnnexCore, shares insights on how to leverage e-commerce tools and marketing automations to help client's sell more.

Educating Clients on the Importance of Trust

In our second issue featuring Paul Jarvis, we dig into the importance of building trust with your clients and subscribers.

Selling in Email Happens Through Stories

We connect with Paul Jarvis, creator of Fixtail and owner of ChimpEssentials, to learn more about how storytelling plays a key role in email marketing.

A Lesson in Bouncing Back from Web Designer Paul Anthony Webb

We sat down with Paul Anthony Webb to learn more about his approach to coding, design, and keeping track of all his web domains.

Customer Retention Through Automation: A Case Study

Learn how Boston-based Vital Agency worked with their client, Blue Water Mortgage, to deal with a shifting market and helped them refocus and shape their overall communication strategy.

Crafting Better Automated Emails

Marketing isn't always an exact science and experimentation can certainly lead to some great breakthroughs. Vital Agency shares some insights on the importance of being open to trying new things and how to stray from convention when working with clients.

How One Agency Switched Their Focus and Redefined Their Value

With the growth of any company, there arise some questions about the driving intent and purpose of the work that's being done. Vital Agency shares how they have leveraged growing their client base along with refining their purpose within the agency world.

Fancy Footwork: Leading Clients Through Automation

Digital Impulse shares a case study with some invaluable insights on the importance of building trust with clients as well as having a thorough email marketing strategy before kicking things off.

The Big Prize: A Case Study in Automation

The team at Digital Impulse dives deeper into the world of email automation and shares some ways to get creative with content to help increase open rates. They also share how they have leveraged social media tools as part of an overall email marketing strategy.

How Digital Impulse Maximizes Automation

Massachusetts-based agency Digital Impulse shares insights on how creative email automation solutions have helped their clients convert more. Learn how to utilize automations beyond just coupon codes.

Models of Possibility: How Maurice Cherry Found (and Shared) His Path to Success

Maurice Cherry, founder of the multidisciplinary studio Lunch, never planned to start his own business. He just wanted to do work that didn’t make him miserable.

Delectable Data: A Case Study in Data-Driven Email Lists

Content and commerce have always had an uneasy relationship. Such was the challenge for Southern Kitchen, a site that celebrates dining and entertaining in the modern South. To solve the problem, Southern Kitchen’s team approached Atlanta-based digital agency FortyFour.

Staying Afloat: How to Thrive in Deep Data

Agency FortyFour has worked for the American Cancer Society, Cartoon Network’s Robot Chicken, and Coca-Cola’s wildly popular “Share a Coke” campaign. Through it all, Ryan Anderson has toiled tirelessly behind the scenes, using data to drive success.

A Good Kind of Weird: HAWRAF

HAWRAF is weird. Not bad weird. More like, interesting weird. First, there's that name . . .

FreshInbox: On a Mission to Take Interactive Email Mainstream

FreshInbox founder Justin Khoo  as spent his entire career pushing the web to be better. And in email, he sees a lot of room for improvement.

Bridging the Web and Email: The Case for Subtle Interactivity

The limitations of email might be frustrating for most designers, but for Austin Woodall they’re a source of inspiration — so much so that it changed his career.

Fewer Clicks, More Dance: The Power of Interactive Email

Mark Robbins didn’t set out to revolutionize email. He just wanted to find the edge of what could be done.

Their Own Code: The Weird, Wonderful World of Table Tr Td

Can email be art—a mode for unapologetically offbeat, norm-defying self-expression? Spend enough time with Table Tr Td and you’ll be hard pressed not to respond in the affirmative.

13 Wall-Worthy Tips for Facebook Ad Campaigns

Some advice is disposable: slips pulled from fortune cookies, the wisdom of Magic 8 Balls, unsolicited dating tips. But then there’s the wall-worthy advice—stuff so good you clip it out of magazines, scrawl it on Post-It notes, or print it at work. We recently spoke with the experts on MailChimp’s Facebook Ad Campaigns, and it yielded some seriously wall-worthy advice.

The Fine Art of Digging Deep: How Good Research Drives Success

Since the launch of MailChimp’s new Facebook Ad Campaigns, we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from our clients. Its success is owed, in large part, to the deep digging done by our research team.

A Bigger Platform for Small Businesses: Introducing Facebook Ad Campaigns

Why should big enterprise have all the best marketing toys?

Unstuck in Time: A Case Study

Some industries get stuck in the past. Mike Gottfried of Eastmont Group discovered this while conducting a competitive analysis for MyPorter, a self-storage company located in Atlanta. But MyPorter’s model was different. And the challenge was to make sure people knew it.

How to Win the Brand vs. Retailer War

Today the physical retail space is no longer the primary battleground for brands. And increasingly, it’s the enemy. Just ask Dennis Ngin, chief operating officer of e-commerce strategy and development agency ExpandLab.

Whiteboarding a Better World: A Case Study

Chattanooga-based digital firm Whiteboard makes a point of working for clients who, according to its website, “stand for social justice and believe in the common good.”

Don’t Call it a Newsletter: Tips from Tobias van Schneider

Tobias von Schneider shares some invaluable insights on building your audience.

How to Fix Your Broken Newsletter

Just because your first attempt at a newsletter didn’t do so hot doesn’t mean you’re out of the game. To help you regain your footing, we talked to an agency that’s been there, done that — and tried again.

Trial and Error: A Copywriter’s Journey

So how did Julia McCoy become qualified to write a manual? The answer: Lots of trial. And a good bit of error.

15 Ways to Win at Writing Email

There is nowhere on the internet more intimate than our inboxes. In talking with Copy Hackers co-founder Joanna Wiebe, this truth revealed itself again and again.

Why Copy Matters (Like, A Lot)

When Joanna Wiebe, co-founder of Copy Hackers, first realized that she wanted to write, she didn’t really think it was a viable career option. But today, Wiebe is anything but a hobbyist.

On Choosing Clients and Making E-Commerce Beautiful

Natasha Murphy and Lexi Stout have formed a strong professional bond over the past year, working together on more than 25 Shopify e-commerce sites. Their partnership is emblematic of a larger trend in Atlanta we’ve explored in this series — creative entrepreneurs who are building businesses that celebrate collaboration.

The Sweet Spot Between Freelancer and Agency

MailChimp makes things similarly easy for online retailers, designer Sarah Hutto says. “It pretty much tells you, ‘Hey, this is what you should be doing.’ You have to work hard to mess up a MailChimp campaign.”

A Freelance Success Story

Today is another very busy day in Kelly’s life as a freelance web developer — a career that has given her the freedom to literally roam the world.

How to Achieve Empathetic Automation

Savannah, Georgia has infused agency Gauge Interactive with people with a penchant for creativity and kindness — two of the most important ingredients for a successful automated email campaign.

Science & Candy: A Recipe for Automation Success

Do a Google search and you’ll turn up more how-to articles on email automation than you can shake a rolled-up copy of your latest Google Analytics report at. Go ahead, bookmark them. Just don’t expect them to transform you into an automation ninja overnight.

Tis the Season for Holiday Campaigns

Summer is more than over (in fact, we’re in the middle of PSL season) which means if you’re an agency, a retail store, or an e-commerce business, it’s crunch time. It’s also the time of the year when MailChimp’s marketing team unveils a new wreathful of holiday tips. It’s become something of a ritual here — a little like bringing up the ornaments from the basement.

Pass, Block, Tackle: A Case Study in Automation

Email automation plays a crucial role in how Gauge Interactive helps its e-commerce clients drive revenue and delight customers. We highlight how Gauge uses automation to guide clients to the end zone—over and over again.

Thirteen Pro-Tips for Email Design

We spoke with 3 of the most resourceful email design geeks we know and mined their brains for nuggets of wisdom. Here’s the best of what we found. Enjoy.

Embracing Email Design

Austin Woodall always wanted to be an artist. And in a way, he is. But instead of oils and pastels, his medium of choice is email.

The Evolution of Email Design

Matthew Smith, founder of Really Good Emails, sees change coming. “Disruption is just around the corner,” Matthew promises.

Emails sells ice cream

Email has emerged as the preferred marketing tool of forward-looking brands — especially those looking for a way to reach new audiences.

No sprinkles required

When customers receive an email from Jeni’s Ice Creams, they aren’t likely to regard it as unsolicited or unwelcome. How did Jeni's Ice Creams do that?

Updating a Classic

The newest collection of ice creams from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, American Licks, is another great example how the brand combines commerce with storytelling.

Email automation and your business

Paul Jarvis discusses MailChimp’s automation features, and how he uses them to do better business.

Automating potential leads

Paul Jarvis describes how he uses automation to optimize lead generation — a constant challenge for any agency or freelancer.

From good to great: how to be an elite email marketer

How does a pretty-good marketer become a really great one? What separates the 90% who can create perfectly fine email campaigns from the 10% who consistently succeed?

Measure Twice, Cut Once: Email Segmentation and Automation

Getting the right messages in front of the right people is key for any strong email campaign. But segmentation is the key to making it happen consistently.

The Power of Personalization — How to Humanize your Email Efforts

“In email marketing,” Rockhouse’s Amanda Severs says, “segmentation, automation, and personalization are everything.” In our last issue, we dove into segmentation and automation. Now it’s time to dig in to personalization.

Get Chart-Topping Results from Email Marketing

Rockhouse Partners have been implementing tools to build the perfect email for years now. That’s how they deliver hit after hit for their clients.

Increasing Revenue Through Personalization and Social Media

Sending impersonal, irrelevant messages is a surefire way to encourage your clients’ subscribers to tune out. Luckily, there’s an easy fix.

Increasing Revenue Through Abandoned Cart Messaging and Incentives

We focus on the revenue-boosting benefits of incentivizing your campaigns and sending cart abandonment messages to your clients’ customers.

Deliverability for Agencies

Deliverability is more than just an industry buzzword — it’s a way to measure the success at which an email marketer gets a campaign into subscribers’ inboxes.

Deliverability for Your Clients

We discuss the things that you (and your clients) can do to make sure your emails reach subscriber’s inboxes.

How MailChimp Does Deliverability

Joe Uhl is the VP of Operations at MailChimp. He leads the teams that support the entire company — operations, delivery, IT, facilities, and office management. We sat down with Joe to chat about deliverability, infrastructure, and what sets MailChimp apart.