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Why Chetan Agrawal is going all-in with Mailchimp & Co

How one of our new partners keeps moving forward

Chetan Agrawal never backs down from a challenge—especially when he believes that the payoff will be worth it. So, shortly after starting Dezyne Plus Marketing Services, he dove right into his journey of becoming a Mailchimp partner. And earlier this year, he accomplished exactly that.

Since becoming a partner and earning his first certification, Chetan has also acquired a listing in our experts directory. Chetan works with small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to help them develop next-level email marketing campaigns.

Read our conversation with Chetan to learn how Mailchimp & Co elevated his business, and what he’s doing next.

To start things off, tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

Chetan: Sure! My name is Chetan Agrawal, and I’m from North India. I’ve been doing this marketing thing on my own for the past 3 years. Before that, I had a full-time job working in marketing for various telecom companies. Originally, when I set out on my own, I used some other solutions, but after a while, I decided on Mailchimp. That was about a year ago.

How did you find out about Mailchimp & Co and what inspired you to join?

Chetan: The Mailchimp & Co banner was always visible on the sidebar when I logged into the app, and it made me curious about becoming a Mailchimp partner. It became clear to me that completing the certification courses could add a lot of value to my business.

Also, I just had a good gut feeling about it. I related to the brand colors, graphics, content, self-help resources, processes, and the rest. All that led me to explore more and more.

Did you immediately try to level up to become a partner once you joined Mailchimp & Co?

Chetan: Well, to be absolutely honest with you, when I started as a member, I saw that there was this milestone that included having 10 paid active clients to be a partner. Initially, I didn't even really look into what benefits I would get—I was just working to cross that milestone. I also read about the experts directory listing, which can help generate business inquiries in the future.

How have the partner benefits helped you and your business?

Chetan: I get a lot of my leads via the experts directory. Many are just exploratory, but a significant number of them actually convert. I’ve started working on getting client testimonials, too, which could be a great addition to my listing in the experts directory.

How did you feel when you made the jump to partner status?

Note: When you sign up for Mailchimp & Co, you gain access to Mailchimp Academy, our go-to educational resource. As a member, you can take exclusive courses that can help you sharpen your Mailchimp knowledge, build your marketing skills, and earn certifications. The courses are free, and you can complete them at your own pace.

Did you find the certification process challenging? Or did you just cruise through?

Chetan: (Laughs) No. To be frank with you, it wasn’t easy. I definitely found it challenging and a learning process. Sure, I was pulling my hair out sometimes, but that’s how I learned a lot.

Completing the Mailchimp Foundations course certification really felt like an achievement. There was one question I almost gave up on, but I took a break and just resumed the next day. That challenge really helped instill a sense of winning.

I have to congratulate the team that put Mailchimp Academy together, because it helped me build my knowledge so much. It can really benefit you, but also your clients, as you learn more.

Has it paid off? Are you seeing more business now that you’re a partner?

Chetan: Yes, I get a lot of direct inquiries through my listing, and I’m able to answer their questions, understand their business, and build up a relationship with them. I’m happy to be able to do that.

What’s the next certification you plan to get, and why?

Chetan: Becoming a pro partner means I have to complete 2 more certifications, Email Marketing and Email Automations, so I’m working on them. Certification can really help with skill development and personal brand building.

How do you carve out time to earn these certifications and develop your skills?

Chetan: It can be difficult to work it into my daily routine, so I always make time on Fridays. This way, I can strike a balance between work and skill development.

You’ve talked about what you want to do and learn next with Mailchimp, but what’s next for you personally?

Chetan: I plan to get into subscription app development. I’m not sure when and how, but I see it as my next business.

Still, email marketing will remain a core business for me, so I’ll continue to look for opportunities with Mailchimp. Right now, my primary source of income is from email marketing, so I’ll do my best to keep that revenue stream as steady as possible. The Mailchimp & Co can help with that.

Lastly, what’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone who’s new to Mailchimp & Co?

Chetan: Trust the process and the Mailchimp community. If you have a problem, the answer is out there. And whenever you pass a milestone, like earning your first certification, make sure to give yourself a chance to relax and celebrate that achievement.

Sign up for Mailchimp & Co and get access to exclusive tools, training, and resources that can help your business grow, so that you can learn how to deliver your best work and win over your next prospective client.

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