Mailchimp Subscribe

Create beautiful signup forms on your tablet

Mailchimp Subscribe makes it easy to grow your customer list from an iPad or Android tablet at your store, a trade show, or anywhere else you might go—even if you don’t have an internet connection.

A list signup form on a mobile device.

Flexible design tools at your fingertips

With Mailchimp Subscribe, it’s easy to customize your form and showcase your brand's personality. Display your logo, add a background image, customize your fields, and quickly make adjustments—all in just a few taps.

Signup forms that go where you do

Collect email addresses at the checkout counter, then delight customers with a special offer on their birthday. Bring a tablet to your booth at the farmer’s market or pop-up shop, so your fans can stay updated on where you’ll be next. Quickly collect contact information from clients or patients, and then follow up with details about their appointment. Mailchimp Subscribe goes where you go, so the possibilities are endless.

Manage and sync subscribers

In just a few taps, people can submit their contact information on your iPad or Android tablet and Mailchimp Subscribe will automatically push them to your list. If you add subscribers while you’re offline, Mailchimp Subscribe will sync them to your account the next time you connect.

Free access for your team

You can download Mailchimp Subscribe on multiple devices at no charge, so your team can work together to collect new signups and grow your list. And since it’s so easy to set up and use, everyone will be able to get started right away, no training necessary.