Find Email Headers and Source Code

There’s a lot more to an email than the from address, subject line, and body of the message. There’s also valuable information hidden in the email’s code, like the headers. Our Support team can use this information to troubleshoot delivery or content problems.

In this article, you’ll learn more about email headers and source code, and where to find them.

Get Your Email Headers

When troubleshooting delivery problems, Mailchimp’s Support team might ask you for your email’s headers. Those are part of the email’s code that contains important routing information and details about the sender and recipient.

Here’s what an email header looks like.

A screenshot of an email header highlighted in full source code

To view the headers, you’ll need to download them from your email client. Choose your email client from the list to get instructions.

Locate Your Email's Source Code

When troubleshooting content problems in your email, Mailchimp’s Support team may ask you for the email’s full source code. The source code contains the HTML that controls the display of the email. It isn’t visible until you download it from your email client.

The steps to locate the full source of your email differ widely for all email clients. Search online for instructions, or check out SpamCop's tips for viewing email source code.

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