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We do our best to prevent abuse on our system and to educate users about what's right and wrong. If one of our users is violating our strict Terms of Use by sending spam, we definitely want to know about it.

Report Spam to Our Abuse Team

The best way to report abuse is to view the email's full header information, and find the unique campaign ID that we embed into every single email that's sent from the Mailchimp system. This campaign ID (CID) helps us track down the exact user and offending campaign, then take appropriate actions. This is an illustration of how to find our abuse tracker, and here's the form to submit the CID.
Mailchimp's abuse tracker IDs


Don't see the unique campaign id in the full headers? Mailchimp was probably just "spoofed" by a virus or spammer out there pretending to be us.

About Mailchimp

For more information about Mailchimp, our terms, and abuse policies, see the following:
About Mailchimp
Mailchimp's Terms of Use Mailchimp's Abuse Desk

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