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Connect with Calendly to book events with clients and add them to your Mailchimp audiences for targeted email campaigns.

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Calendly’s integration with Mailchimp helps your organization combine Calendly scheduling with Mailchimp’s targeted email automation. After connecting Calendly to Mailchimp, Calendly automatically adds contacts with your tags to Mailchimp audiences based on rules you define. This helps you to create different combinations of audiences and tag rules based on the type of event booked.

Use this integration if you:

  • Need an event booking solution
  • Need to embed a booking calendar on your website’s landing page
  • Want to put guest information into different Mailchimp email campaigns based on the type of event booked
  • Want to prepare guests for an upcoming event by sending with a series of Mailchimp emails
  • Want to provide guests with follow-up actions in a series of Mailchimp emails

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Create rules to add contacts with tags to your Mailchimp audience based on the type of event they book.
Lay out your prospect nurturing strategy by combining booking rules.
Get ready for your upcoming meetings by checking event details and email status.