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Maximize deliverability & land in the inbox with Emailable. Enrich existing data, detect errors, & increase your lead quality by validating emails in real-time.


Use Emailable to build stronger relationships with real customers. A clean email list is the foundation of a strong email campaign, and Emailable’s email verifier can help you save time, money, and improve your ROI.

Log in to Emailable and allow us to access your Mailchimp account.

Select your data Upload the email data that you would like to verify from your pre-existing lists.

Export your results Send your clean list back to Mailchimp, or download it directly.


The Emailable + Mailchimp integration allows marketing and sales professionals to seamlessly pull inbound contacts for email verification, and send back the verified data to Mailchimp to build powerful and effective email campaigns.

Reduce bounces, and filter out the best emails to craft more relevant marketing campaigns. Take your ROI to the next level when using the best email verification software solution.

Getting started with Emailable and your Mailchimp integration is easy and seamless. Start cleaning your lists and sending your email campaigns. Enrich existing data, detect errors, and increase the quality of your leads by validating emails in real time.