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Add a friend referral and rewards program to grow your email list. Get started with your own custom referral marketing campaign with just a few clicks.


Push your email marketing into the next level with a solution that is dedicated to newsletter referrals.

Firewards for Mailchimp allows you to grow your newsletter through word of mouth in an easy and user friendly interface. Improve your customer retention & send rewards for your subscribers' loyal referrals. Firewards is the all-in-one solution for a successful newsletter referral campaign.

The biggest newsletters grew to millions of users only with the help of a friend referral program. You can, too!


We provide you with a customizable hosted status page that is unique to each subscriber. From here they can refer their friends via Email, Linkedin, Facebook, or Twitter.

Insert Merge Tags into your email copy. Let users know about their current referral status and how they can invite their friends.

This is how your referral campaign could look like in one of your newsletters.