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ReferralCandy for Mailchimp

Skyrocket ROI and engagement of your newsletters by incorporating referral CTAs. Watch sales numbers grow and deliver a seamless brand experience for customers.

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Level up your email marketing and get more sales, shares and smiling customers. ReferralCandy for Mailchimp allows you to reap the benefits of a referral program: growing sales, improve customer retention, and gain visibility through word-of-mouth -- all critical marketing goals for small and medium businesses. Incorporate referral links into newsletters easily and deliver a seamless, branded experience for your customers.

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Improve your email marketing with ReferralCandy for Mailchimp for your eCommerce store
How to use Mailchimp to send ReferralCandy links



Image of ReferralCandy Integration

With ReferralCandy for Mailchimp, now you can embed each customer's unique referral link in your email marketing newsletters!

Image showing the ReferralCandy Mailchimp integration in action

It's as easy as adding a Merge Tag in your newsletters - in fact, it’s so simple, we made a gif of it!

Animation showing how to connect Mailchimp and ReferralCandy

What are you waiting for? Just click Connect Mailchimp in ReferralCandy and start seeing better results from your email marketing today!