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Gift Up!

The simplest way to sell your business’ gift cards online


The simplest way to sell your business’ gift cards online. It only takes 5 minutes, and we handle everything from payment to delivery.

✓ Fully automated
✓ Any website, any currency
✓ You get paid straight away
✓ No monthly fees, no setup fees

Connect your Mailchimp account to Gift Up! and we'll automatically add the gift card purchaser's details to a mailing list of your choice. We'll also tag the contact in Mailchimp.

Once your Mailchimp account is synced to Gift Up! you can easily use reward marketing emails to boost engagement. Here are a few campaign ideas to get you started:

  • Send a reminder email annually to buy another gift card
  • Send an email encouraging a repeat gift card purchase at key times of the year (Mother's Day, Christmas etc...)


The simplest way to sell gift cards online

A beautiful dashboard experience

Powerful settings with every account