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We help eCommerce stores increase sales, conversions, and retention with our proprietary AI chatbot solution.
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Sync customer emails and information collected by Gobot into Mailchimp.

Use this integration to grow your AWeber list for free by automatically syncing emails collected by your chatbot and/or live chat agent. Learn more about your leads by conversing with them using Gobot and tagging them based on their responses. Sync these tags with AWeber to intelligently segment your email list. Use Gobot to convert visitors into sales:

  • See who is live on your site so you can proactively approach your visitors.
  • Help shoppers find the perfect products, upsell & cross-sell, quickly grow your email list, and more with a smart virtual sales assistant.
  • Leverage your live chat agents to upsell and/cross-sell visitors they are chatting with. Agents can present to visitors products they identify, or products suggested by Gobot, directly in the chat to dramatically boost average order value. Use Gobot to instantly answer questions:
  • Increase customer satisfaction by automatically answering questions and handing off to a human for live chat seamlessly upon request. Alternatively, gather contact info for email follow-up.
  • Automate response to Order Status inquiries: Use Gobot to collect customer feedback:
  • Transform feedback & data collection into a real-time, conversational experience. Automatically ask intelligent follow-up questions. Sign up for free at https://www.getgobot.com/.


Image of two conversational screenshots with an image of a bike.

Two examples of Gobot's chatbots.

Image of a product finder flow based on preferences.

Example chatbot product finder flow.