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Hippo Video -Personalized Videos for Business

Send personalized video email campaigns from Mailchimp directly using the Hippo Video integration

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Hippo Video

Hippo Video is a video marketing platform. Mailchimp users can send personalized video campaigns at scale using the Hippo Video integration. Marketing agencies, Sales teams, and Account-based marketing teams can send personalized video emails to their prospects, leads, and customers to quadruple their response rates.

Video emails have a 19% higher open rates. Personalized mail content has a 29% higher open rates. Using personalized video emails, you can easily 3x your response rate as the message is highly personalized and comes in a rich medium like video.

Currently, all the marketers add merge fields in their email copy to personalize. This gives a personal connect although it doesn’t capture the real human behind this email. Using video, you can capture these emotions and bring the human to talk directly to your customers.

Have a long list of customers and don’t have time to create many videos. Create a single video template and add merge fields inside the video. Yes, you can Add merge fields right inside your videos using Hippo Video. These merge fields can be text or images.

CTRs increase when you personalize your thumbnails too. Using Hippo Video, you can add merge fields to your video thumbnails too. You can merge images or company logos along with text to make your video thumbnails irresistibly clickable.

Once you have created your personalized video and thumbnail with the merge fields, you can send it to a contact list from Mailchimp.

To summarize, these are the features you get with Hippo Video integration:

  • Capture leads inside your videos using Hippo Video. Update the leads captured to your Mailchimp contact list automatically.
  • Send personalized video emails using Hippo Video. Add text and image merge fields inside your videos to personalize them.
  • Personalize your video thumbnails too to get a higher CTR. Add text, image or logo merge fields inside your videos to personalize them.

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