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Connect your Mailchimp account with Jotform to grow your company’s lead generation and collect e-signatures and data.

Collect leads efficiently and build the perfect marketing and e-signature solution by integrating your Mailchimp account with Jotform and Jotform Sign.

Build professional lead generation forms or e-signature documents from scratch with Jotform’s easy-to-use Form Builder, or by using one of Jotform’s ready-made form templates. Data and signatures are collected through your form in real time, so your Mailchimp mailing lists will always be up to date.

Integrate with Jotform to collect leads through contact forms, signup forms, registration forms, and more. Use form data to improve your marketing efforts and build more effective campaigns in Mailchimp, or create targeted campaigns and customer journeys for contacts who filled forms.

Additionally, by connecting with Jotform Sign, you can collect legally binding e-signatures via contracts, agreements, release or consent forms, and more. Simply choose which contact you’d like to fill out your form and let Jotform do the heavy lifting for you.

What does it do?

Here are some popular ways to use this integration. Features and functionality vary by plan.

Automate your workflow

  • Create automated approval and e-signature workflows to help you save time on tedious tasks, freeing yourself up for those big business moments.

Add and update contacts

  • Instantly sync form and e-sign data from Jotform to your Mailchimp account to generate more leads so you can sell more stuff.

Installation and Usage Tips



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