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Zendesk Activity

Give your support team a complete picture of Mailchimp campaign activity inside of Zendesk Support.

Zendesk subscription with customer lists add-on
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About Zendesk Activity

Zendesk is a service-first CRM company with support, sales, and customer engagement products designed to improve customer relationships. The Zendesk Activity integration for Mailchimp brings the full picture of email campaign activity, including interactions, into Zendesk Support.

Zendesk Activity Tickets

Deeper support insights

View all Mailchimp email campaigns that a Zendesk Support ticket requester has received.

Zendesk Activity list management

Easier list management

Empower your team to respond to customer requests to be added or removed from mailing lists.

Zendesk Activity - customer activity

Get to the answer, fast

Troubleshoot more quickly by viewing customer activity details for each campaign.

Connect Mailchimp and Zendesk for deeper support insights, fast, all inside of Zendesk Support.

If you need assistance with this integration, contact Zendesk at

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Zendesk Activity

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