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QuickBooks with Mailchimp

Start your marketing journey with ease

Sign up for a new Mailchimp account and get 30% off our Standard or Premium plan for your first 12 months.

An email campaign, with a dotted line linking it to the QuickBooks and Mailchimp logos. Below the logos are charts marking engagement and recent growth.

Get started easily with a personalized product tour

An onboarding specialist is here to help you get started with confidence—it’s included with Standard and Premium plans.*

A small business owner reaching out to her Mailchimp Onboarding Specialist.

The tools you need to start (and keep) growing

Seamlessly personalize email templates, automate communications, and generate custom designs from within the Intuit product family.

“Mailchimp analytics help us gauge interest in where to hold our events ...

We use QuickBooks for our own business accounting software, and also recommend it to our clients. It's something you can use without having to do a lot of manual work.”

One Stop Taxes, Mailchimp and QuickBooks Customer

Turn Clustomers into Customers

Finding your MVPs and giving you more time back

Learn how automation can help you pinpoint and engage your ready-to-buy customers—and free you to focus on running and growing your business.

Automatically sync your data between platforms

Connect QuickBooks Online with Mailchimp to sync your financial and marketing data, then send targeted campaigns and automations based on customer purchase history, spending, recent payments, and more.

Ready to save time and connect with customers?