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Marketing for Restaurants

Put your culinary creations on display

Whether you’re a restaurant with a 20-year legacy or a food truck with a few months of experience, our all-in-one Marketing Platform is built to boost your business.

Make it mouthwatering

Bring your food to the forefront with a beautiful website that highlights your delicious menu. Plus, get a custom domain that reflects your restaurant’s brand and makes it easier for people to find you on the web.


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Get started with a custom domain that reflects your food and flair.

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Give customers a peek at your signature dishes with a professional website.

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Marketing Restaurants

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Find out what they’re craving

Send a survey to your customers to find out what they’d like to see on the menu and help inform the marketing plan for your restaurant.

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Make delivery and takeout a breeze

Use our integrations to schedule a reservation, delivery, or pick-up time for customers with ease.

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Promote your special offers

Create a landing page to showcase your latest meal deals.

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Build a new foodie following

Catch the attention of new customers with digital ads for your restaurant on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Let your loyal patrons know you’re online

Send an email to your current customers inviting them to visit your new online home.

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Keep your restaurant top-of-mind for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the easy-to-use tools of our all-in-one Marketing Platform


  • Restaurant marketing can be highly beneficial for a business, especially considering the fact that the restaurant industry is so hypercompetitive. Since there’s so much competition, it’s important to ensure that your restaurant is highly visible and make it stand out from similar establishments. This can give you a competitive edge and not only help people get in the door, but also facilitate long-term customer relationships.

  • Restaurant email marketing campaigns can be an effective way to keep boost engagement, inform customers about new offerings and promotions, and build your brand. Restaurants use email marketing in a variety of ways, but some common uses include:

    • Announcing promotions or offers: If you’re running a promotion or special offer at your restaurant, let your customers know via email. Sending out coupons and special offers can be a great way to incentivize people to visit your restaurant.
    • Sending out newsletters: Sending out a newsletter—whether on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis—can be a good way to stay engaged with your customers. A newsletter can be a good opportunity to announce upcoming events, tease future promotions, and share company or industry news.
    • Gathering feedback or surveys: Asking for customer feedback or soliciting surveys from customers allows you to better understand your audience and identify areas for improvement.

    Not sure how to start a restaurant marketing email campaign? Mailchimp is here to help. We have email templates for restaurant marketing that make it easy to send out sophisticated email marketing campaigns. Simply choose an email template for restaurant marketing that works for your business and you can start sending out compelling email content in just a few clicks.

  • There are many ways to engage in restaurant marketing. When coming up with a restaurant marketing plan, the first step is to establish some goals. What do you want to achieve with your restaurant marketing campaign? Create a list of actionable, realistic, and timely goals to get started.

    One of the first steps when establishing any restaurant marketing plan is creating a website. Using Mailchimp, you can quickly and easily secure a domain and set up a sleek, easy-to-use website. With Mailchimp, you can also use a number of other tools to create:

    • Email marketing campaigns
    • Digital ads
    • Customer surveys
    • Landing pages
    • Online ordering systems
    • And more
  • Restaurant marketing describes all of the promotional and advertising efforts one makes to promote their restaurant and expand their audience. With a restaurant marketing plan in place, you can expand your audience, bring in new customers, retain current customers, and strengthen the reputation of your restaurant.

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