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Transactional email

Scalable analytics that flex with you

Get transactional email analytics from your dashboard, export API, or webhooks.

Tag Outbound Emails Transactional Email Mandrill Static

Evaluate and analyze with tagging

Tag all outbound emails with automated or custom tags, and optimize performance by running analytics and comparative reporting.

A/B Split Testing Transactional Email Static Abstract UI

Optimize open rates with A/B testing

Easily run A/B tests and user-friendly comparative reports to track and optimize your transactional emails.

Transactional Email Search Activity Mandrill Abstract UI AUI Static

Search the activity log

Search and filter your account activity to learn about open, click, and bounce rates.

Use webhooks for every event

Capture and save raw data via webhooks, so you can keep track of trends like open rates, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes—in almost real time.

Transactional Email Export API Static

Export API

Export your transactional data, and join it with other datasets within your own environment.

Start using transactional API now

Made for developers to deliver fast, personalized emails that reach inboxes.

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