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Transactional email

Infrastructure that delivers

Utilize global infrastructure for fast email delivery.

A hand pushing a button on a contraption that delivers mail

Globally distributed infrastructure

Built for speed and reduced latency, developers can send transactional emails fast.

Transactional Email Mandrill Infrastructure Activity Static

Automated feedback looping

Track spam complaints with automatic registration for ISP feedback loops.

Transactional Email Mandrill Infrastructure Domains Static

Multiple sending domains

Send from more than one domain or subdomain within a single account, with no additional fee.

Get a ton of flexibility with your IPs

  • For high-volume accounts, get a dedicated IP to build and maintain your reputation with ISPs

    Transactional Email Mandrill Infrastructure Dedicated IPs Static
  • Make the transition to a new dedicated IP easier, gradually increasing the number of sends over a 30-day period.

    Transactional Email Mandrill Infrastructure Automatic IP Warming Static
  • Define pools of IPs for specific emails or domains.

    Transactional Email Mandrill Infrastructure Dedicated IP Warming Static
Transactional Email Mandrill Infrastructure Dedicated IPs Static
Transactional Email Mandrill Infrastructure Automatic IP Warming Static
Transactional Email Mandrill Infrastructure Dedicated IP Warming Static


  • A transactional email service is a service that automatically sends transactional emails to users when certain conditions are met. Mailchimp’s delivery API is a type of transactional email service that allows you to send transactional emails from websites and applications. This service is available as an add-on for Standard and Premium plans. If you’re planning on sending transactional emails, you’ll have to purchase blocks of Mailchimp Transactional credits.

    What sets Mailchimp’s transactional email service apart? For starters, you can enable and create transactional emails within our marketing platform. This makes it easy to design email campaigns and track their progress in a single place.

  • Yes, survey emails requesting product or service feedback are transactional. Sending surveys to users can help you identify ways to make your business even better. And with Mailchimp, you can automate transactional emails, create surveys, and analyze responses in one centralized app.

    Other types of transactional emails include:

    • Account alerts
    • Event notifications
    • Order confirmations
    • Feedback requests
    • Purchase receipts
    • Password reminders
    • Welcome emails
    • Customer service inquiry responses

    Abandoned cart notifications are also transactional. However, they may be seen as marketing emails in some jurisdictions. So, it’s important to understand the laws in your area before sending these types of emails to users that are not subscribed to your mailing list.

    To start sending transactional emails on Mailchimp, look for the Automations tab and click Transactional Email. Then, select a plan and the Transactional Email package that fits your business needs to enable this feature.

  • The first step in writing a transactional email is determining the type of email you want to send. There are many ways transactional emails can be used, including password reminders, order confirmations, account creation notifications, and product feedback. Once you’ve narrowed this down, you can begin designing your email.

    While you can create a simple email with only the most important details, there are several ways you can enhance it to exceed customer expectations. Here are a few transactional email best practices to help you get started:

    • Personalize emails with the recipient’s name
    • Start the email off with the most relevant information
    • Include your brand name
    • Don’t come off as salesy
    • Follow anti-spam laws
    • Send transactional emails quickly
  • Transactional emails are one-time emails sent to specific recipients when certain events occur. For example, when a user forgets their password, a transactional email may be sent to help them recover it. Another example is when a user receives a confirmation email confirming their purchase. In many cases, transactional emails should be delivered quickly to the recipient. With Mailchimp, transactional emails are delivered to the recipient in seconds to ensure they always quickly receive the information they need.

    Unlike bulk or marketing emails, users don’t have to subscribe to your mailing list to receive transactional messages. However, it’s still important to personalize the email so that you can continue building your brand and strengthening your relationship with customers.

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