Prepare a Constant Contact List for Import

If you've decided to switch from Constant Contact, you'll need to filter and organize your Constant Contact list before you import it to Mailchimp.

Mailchimp tracks and removes undeliverable addresses each time you send a campaign to keep your list healthy. Although Constant Contact removes unsubscribed addresses from your list, they don't manage bounced addresses this way. To import a clean, active list to Mailchimp, filter the bounced addresses from your list before you start.

In this article, you'll learn how to prepare your Constant Contact list for import, and export your undeliverable contacts.

Before You Start

  • You must remove the bounced email addresses from your Constant Contact list before you import your list to Mailchimp using the List Import Wizard.
  • You may also choose to import a suppression list of bounced and unsubscribed addresses, which ensures those addresses aren't accidentally re-added to your Mailchimp list.

Remove Bounced Addresses from Constant Contact

To filter bounced addresses out of your list, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your Constant Contact account.
  2. Navigate to the Reporting section.
  3. Scroll to the Detail section, and click the name of a recent campaign that was sent to all or most of your active contacts.
  4. In the campaign report, click Bounced.
    Screenshot of the Bounced section in Constant Contact
  5. Click the Display drop-down menu, and choose Recommended for Removal.
    Screenshot of the display dropdown menu in constant contact.
  6. Check the box to select all contacts in the Recommended for Removal category.
    Screenshot showing how to delete subscribers recommended for removal
  7. Click Remove Emails.
    A screenshot of deleting unsubscribed addresses in Constant Contact
    Now your campaign's bounced emails are in the Unsubscribed category of All Contacts.

Export Unsubscribed Addresses from Constant Contact

Now that your bounced addresses are in the Unsubscribed category of All Contacts, you can export that file as a CSV. Visit Constant Contact's help center for instructions on how to export this file.

After you've downloaded this file from Constant Contact, you'll import it into the Unsubscribed section of your Mailchimp list to create a suppression list.

Import Undeliverable Addresses to Mailchimp

To ensure that undeliverable addresses are marked appropriately in Mailchimp, you can upload them directly to the Unsubscribed section of your list to act as a suppression list. We won't send to these addresses, and they won't count toward your total subscriber count. If a contact signs up for your list again, we'll move them from the Unsubscribed section to the active, Subscribed section of your list so they can receive campaigns.

To import the undeliverable addresses, export your unsubscribed contacts in CSV format and upload the file to Mailchimp as a suppression list.

Great! You've prepared your list and imported your suppression list. Learn how to import your active Constant Contact addresses to Mailchimp.

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