Replicate an Audience

To create a new audience that uses the same audience settings, defaults, and form designs as another audience in your account, use the replicate feature. This is helpful if you want an audience with all the same defaults but you don't want to start from scratch. The replicate feature doesn't copy any contacts or contact history from the original audience, and the new audience will have a unique ID.

In this article, you'll learn how to replicate an audience.

Replicate an Audience

  1. Navigate to the list of audiences.
  2. Click drop-down menu next to the audience you want to work with, and choose Replicate Audience.
  3. Name your new audience and click Replicate. Your new audience will appear at the top of the page.

After the copy of your audience appears in your account, you could copy your subscribed contacts into the new audience. We discourage users from keeping duplicate information across multiple audiences, however, so consult our audience management best practices before you decide if that's necessary.

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