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Mailchimp offers a few ways to include a survey in your email campaigns, like merge tags and integrations. Most email programs can't handle the code necessary to submit a form directly from a contact's inbox, so you'll want to try one of these other methods to send a survey to your contacts.

In this article, we'll walk you through a few different options.

Use the Poll Merge Tag

Use the poll merge tag to gauge subscriber sentiment about a question or issue. The tag allows users to select a response on a scale from 1 to 10 and the results are visible in the campaign report.

Use the Survey Merge Tag

Use the survey merge tag to collect subscriber responses to a survey question. You create survey responses for your subscribers to choose from, and can see subscriber responses in the campaign report.

Use an Integration

To send a more detailed survey, create one with a tool like SurveyMonkey, and link it to your campaign. The SurveyMonkey integration uses Integrations templates to pull in the third-party information.

While this is the only application we have a direct integration with, you can also look into using other options such as Google Forms or any of the other options in our Integrations Directory.

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