Free Survey Tool for Small Businesses

Learn about your audience with unlimited survey responses

Whether you’re a restauranteur adapting to a takeout‑only menu or a pilates instructor moving classes online, Mailchimp surveys help you see what is (and isn’t) working so you can market smarter—no technical skills needed.

Integrated with all your favorite Mailchimp tools

Mailchimp surveys are connected to your Mailchimp CRM, email, and Customer Journey builder. That means you can easily send questions to the right prospects or customers and then turn those responses into successful marketing strategies.

Turn survey responses into actionable data with the click of a button

Surveys are tied to your audience, so you can choose which contacts receive them and apply tags based on their responses. Collect data on demographics, customer satisfaction, and more, then use what you learn to create segments and send follow-up campaigns.

Use surveys to collect email addresses

If you don’t have an audience yet or you’re still pre-launch, surveys can help you build your contacts. Use the email collector question type to automatically add survey responders to your Mailchimp audience (along with any of their responses).

Better understand your customer

  • Automatically survey new subscribers and customers

    Greet every new customer or reader with a request to learn more about them, starting an early feedback loop.

  • Rediscover your product‑market fit

    With surveys, you can easily determine which product features are most important to current and prospective customers. This helps you tailor your business priorities and master the art of customer satisfaction.

  • Unlock data‑driven pricing insights

    Establishing pricing for a new product or feature? Create a survey with questions focused on your customer's willingness to pay. Then, drive product recommendations rooted in data.

  • Generate new product ideas

    Cocreate your new products or services alongside your customers, so you know exactly who’s interested once you’re ready to sell.

Build a survey in less than 5 minutes

With free and unlimited survey responses, you can quickly generate insights from your audience to inform your product development.