Share an Email Template

In Mailchimp, you can share your templates with other accounts right from the Templates page. The Share feature makes it simple to send a Mailchimp template from your account to someone else's Mailchimp account, without having to export or import the template's HTML code. In this article we walk you through how to share and receive templates in Mailchimp.

Share a Template

To share a template with another Mailchimp account, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Templates page.
  2. Locate the template you'd like to share by browsing the template list or using the search and filter options.
  3. Click the drop-down menu for the template and choose Share.

The Share screen provides two ways to share your template's unique URL:

  • The Share by email option allows you send an email containing the template's link to any valid email address. Enter each email address you want to send the share link to, then click the Share Template button.
    Choose the Share Template button
  • The Share by URL option displays the unique URL for this template. Give this URL to anyone you want to share the template with.
    Share by URL option

Receive a Template

There are two different ways to receive a shared template:

  • If you receive a Mailchimp Template Sharing email, click the Add To Your Account link in the email body.
    Select Add To You Account
  • If someone provides you with the unique URL for their template, copy and paste the URL into the address bar in your web browser and press enter.
    Insert template URL in browser

After you click the link or paste the URL into your browser, you are prompted to log in to your Mailchimp account if you're not already. When you're logged into your account, you are taken to the Templates page and should see a message confirming the template was added to your account.

Confirmation of template being added to account

You can now edit that template or use it for a campaign in your Mailchimp account.

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