Combine Multiple Accounts

Combine Mailchimp accounts to streamline your marketing and potentially cut down on your monthly bill. To do this, you'll export your data from one account and import it into a master account.

In this article, you'll learn how to combine Mailchimp accounts.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you begin this process.

  • This article shows you how to combine the data from two accounts into one. You can also choose to keep your accounts separate and manage both with one Mailchimp login.
  • Decide which account you'll import to, or create a new master account. Remaining accounts will stay intact until you close them permanently.
  • Campaign reports and list statistics can't be imported into your master account. To keep data that can't be imported, export the CSVs for your records or leave the old account open.

Export Account Data

First, log in to the account you no longer want to use and export your data. Here's what's included in account exports.

  • CSV files for each list's subscribed, unsubscribed, and cleaned addresses
  • HTML files for your templates and campaigns
  • Campaign reports

Export and Backup Account Data

Import Lists

For each list you exported, you'll need to import each CSV for the subscribed, unsubscribed, and cleaned addresses into your master account. It's important to take the time to import each file of addresses to the correct section of your list so you don't inadvertently add an unsubscribed address to the active portion of your list or vice versa.

Import Subscribers to a List

View Unsubscribed Contacts

Share or Import Templates

To keep the drag-and-drop templates, we recommend you use the Share feature to move the templates from your old accounts to your master account. You can directly import the HTML templates from your old accounts into your master account, but you'll no longer be able to use drag-and-drop content blocks.

How to Share a Template

How to Import a Custom HTML Template

Close or Pause Old Accounts

To preserve your list statistics and other data, pause your monthly billing or remove subscribers from your lists to keep your old accounts open but inactive. If you don't need to store data in your old accounts, you can close them.

Pause Monthly Billing

How to Remove Subscribers

Close an Account

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