Troubleshooting Test Email Campaigns

We know it can be frustrating to take the time to send test email campaigns and then not receive them. There are a few things that could affect the delivery of your test emails.

In this article, you'll find some common issues with test emails and tips on how to troubleshoot them so you can get back to work.

Things to Know

  • The time it takes for a test email to arrive in your inbox can vary depending on your email and internet service providers (ESPs and ISPs). It can take up to 24 hours or more for test emails to arrive, even under normal circumstances.

I sent to corporate or work email addresses.

Corporate spam firewalls can be especially strict when it comes to test messages. When you send a test email to multiple recipients at a company, it can look like a spam attack. Ask the IT group at your company to whitelist Mailchimp's server.

Corporate email clients also tend to flag mail that has the same "To" and "From" email address. If you sent to the same business email you're using as your From email address, try sending to a different business email. Alternatively, you could sign up and send to a free email account, like Gmail, for test purposes.

My test campaign includes placeholder content.

Filler text, even if used in test emails, can still trigger spam filters. Try to include real content in your test emails. Avoid words like "test" or "testing" in your email subject line and don't use Lorem Ipsum text in the body of the email. If you need to use placeholder text, make it look as much like real content as possible. For your next test, remove placeholder content, try these alternate suggestions, and see if your emails arrive faster.

My From email address is a free email account.

Although you're welcome to use free email domains, like Yahoo and Gmail, as your From email address in Mailchimp, these free services have policies in place that can sometimes cause delivery issues. If possible, we recommend you register a private domain to use as your From email address.

Limitations of Free Email Addresses

Register a Domain

I haven't authenticated a domain.

We use our default authentication to help ensure the delivery of your email campaigns. To further improve deliverability, it's a good idea to use a private domain as your From email address and set up your own custom authentication on top of Mailchimp's.

This option requires some web development knowledge, so you may want to ask your website manager or domain registrar for help.

Still not sure? You can learn more about email authentication options here.

Ready to set custom authentication? Here’s how.

General Test Email Tips

We recommend that you always send test campaigns to as many common email servers as possible, like Gmail, in addition to your personal or corporate account to determine if it's a problem with just one email server. You can also take advantage of our Inbox Preview tool that's built right into your account to see what your campaign will look like in different email clients.

Preview and Test Your Email Campaign

Test with Inbox Preview

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