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Take Your Newsletters to a New Level with Batchbook, the CRM for Mailchimp.

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Batchbook CRM gets you organized for success. Batchbook helps you grow your business with happier customers. Manage everything from first lead interaction, to winning sales, to winning life-long customers.

Do more:

  • Bring together all your contact and lead data
  • Follow through on sales and service
  • Create happy customers with attention to detail
  • Do all of this as a team

Batchbook’s integration helps you see your Mailchimp activity in the greater context of your customer relationship.

  • Automatically see Mailchimp subscription and campaign details right on your contact record in Batchbook
  • Send contacts directly to a Mailchimp list or groups within a list
  • Create new lists on the fly from your CRM
  • Build better contact segments in Batchbook and export them to a list in Mailchimp

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