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Hoppy Copy - Write Better Emails

Save countless hours writing. Use AI to generate powerful content for hundreds of different email marketing campaigns, drips, newsletters and more—in seconds ⚡


Join thousands of brands and creators using Hoppy Copy to create high-converting emails, eye-candy newsletters, and more—in seconds.

Here is why they use Hoppy Copy:

Write any email campaign or newsletter in seconds

Holiday newsletter? Sales email sequence? Drive revenue with 50+ Email AI Templates for open-worthy product launches, nurture campaigns, and image-rich newsletters.

Apply pro copywriting formulas to get more sales

Use scientifically proven formulas like AIDA, PAS, Creative Hooks, Storytelling and many more to make sure your emails resonate.

Stay consistently on-brand with your unique voice

Replicate any brand tone or style and automatically apply it to all your email and newsletter content.

Turn your emails into entire sequences

Boost your campaign performance by automatically generating persuasive email sequences, fully optimized to engage your contacts from A to Z.

Bring your emails to life with beautiful AI images

Instantly create jaw-dropping, high-resolution images to keep visitors glued to your newsletters, blogs and tweets.

Increase open rates with spam check

Use Spam Check to automatically identify spam keywords causing your emails to go to junk mail folders, then substitute those keywords for stronger copy.

Spy on your competitors’ emails

Automatically track all your competitors' emails in one place. Learn their strategy and use their newsletters as inspiration for your own.

👉 Connect Hoppy Copy + Mailchimp

Write incredible emails, manage your images, and easily export your campaigns and templates to Mailchimp for lightning speed content creation.

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Create incredible newsletters in minutes

Create incredible newsletters in minutes

Tweak-edit-reword so your words stick

Tweak-edit-reword so your words stick

Instantly generate beautiful AI images

Instantly generate beautiful AI images