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“The single most comprehensive Mailchimp plugin for WordPress … period.”

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Now with multi-language support!

MailChimp provides best-in-class email communication tools. WordPress provides best-in-class content management tools. Integral MailChimp for WordPress provides the only tool to let them work seamlessly together.

What can it do? What can't it do is a better question!

-Seamlessly Sync Your Subscriber Data Between WordPress and MailChimp. Not just default fields like names and email addresses, but any information you’re collecting. From zip codes to purchase histories, you can build smart lists for targeted group sending that maximize the effectiveness of your email campaigns, all of which are updated automatically. Batch sync'ing lets you update entire lists with the push of a button.

-Email Signup Widget. Add as many sign-up forms as you like, with support for interest groups and the ability to capture any custom merge fields you're using. Optionally create new WordPress user accounts or simply pass the information on to MailChimp.

-Design And Send Campaigns Directly From WordPress. The Integral Email plugin brings all of the tools of MailChimp’s email editor to the WordPress dashboard. Choose from dozens of MailChimp’s high quality email templates; add your own images and text via our visual editor (similar to the MailChimp designer); send previews to specific addresses or lists; and save and send emails, all from your own WordPress site.

-Insert Content from Posts Easily add existing content to your emails. Automatically recognizes custom post types and taxonomies. Choose to insert the full content or an excerpt. Add a link back to the original post online automatically. Search posts by title optionally filtered by post type and category.

-In-Depth Analytics At Your Fingertips. See open rates, click-throughs, bounces and more. No more firing off messages blindly and hoping they have an impact. Now you can monitor every send and learn in real time what is and isn’t effective.

-Send To The Right People At The Right Time. MailChimp’s segmented sending is a powerful tool that lets you optimize the odds your messages will lead to action. Our built-in segmenting support lets you take advantage of this to target emails based on virtually anything you might track, from interest groups to recent user activity.

-Automatic Webhook Registration. Sending data from WordPress to MailChimp is great, but what happens when a subscriber clicks the update preferences link in your email and makes changes directly to their MailChimp profile? Our plugin automatically creates Webhooks -- callback actions -- that keep data sync'd in both directions.

-Developer Friendly & Readily Extensible. We have provided numerous hooks and filters, plus thorough documentation and code example, so you can quickly and easily add new functionality. Let's say you use a custom registration form and collect users' favorite NFL team. With just a couple of lines of code in your functions.php file you can make that field available as a sync field that you can drag-and-drop enable/disable just like any other. Need help getting something to work? We're here to help!

-Superior Support. Have questions? We offer support forums, tutorials and how-to videos. Plus, as an Integral customer your queries will be answered directly by our developers -- no call centers asking you to reboot your router!

-Money Back Guarantee. We’re confident that we’ve created a tool that will create value for our customers. How can we be so sure? Because we’re using it ourselves on client sites that process millions of dollars a year in transactions. But if, for any reason, you decide it’s not for you, we’ll gladly issue a full refund within 14 days of purchase.

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